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Sixth Form Exam Information

Summer Exam Entries - GCE A level & BTEC - 2021

Dear Year 12 and Year 13 students,

Following the decision made by Gavin Williamson, Education Secretary not to run GCSE re-take and Level 3 examinations in AS Level, A Level and BTec qualifications in the normal way this summer, we have been working hard to put a College Assigned Grades process and plan together for you.  We are now in a position to share this plan and look forward to guiding you through the next few months. The disruption you have endured to your education since March 2020 has been unprecedented and we want to ensure that you are not unfairly penalised in any way due to your absences from school.

Firstly, we would like to share with you the evidence base we will be using for each Level 3 and GCSE re-take qualification, so you know exactly what pieces of work will be used, to count towards your grade.  This document has been sent to you with this letter and can also be found on the College website. It is really important that you go through this document carefully and discuss anything you are not sure about with your teachers.

Secondly, we would like to set out the calendar of Exam Board ‘mini assessments’ for the next few months so you know what you will be expected to do and when.  From now until Friday 23rd April 2021 any of the evidence, we collect will be done in class time and you should have already started to complete some of these in-class “mini assessments”.  From Monday 26th April 2021 until Friday 28th May 2021, we will be having a short period of time where slightly longer assessments will be completed in a more centralized and formal location. These assessments are known as ‘Mini Assessments’ and will be issued by the exam boards for you to complete. We are currently finalising the plan for these exam board ‘mini assessments’ and will share the calendar of dates with you shortly.  Our internal moderation period here in the College will end no later than Friday 18th June 2021, as this is the date that we need to send the grades that we would like to claim for you, to the relevant exam boards.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to share these with you as they will not be finalised until the relevant examination boards have completed their quality assurance process.  These results will be shared with you on GCE and GCSE results day which will be Tuesday 10th and Thursday 12th August 2021, respectively.

We all look forward to completing this process successfully with you.

 Yours sincerely,


L Wynne-Jones

Assistant Headteacher for Sixth Form





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